about Rutgrink

Grower of the lovely astilbe

It’s all about Astilbe

Quality is key with brothers Marc and Frank Rutgrink. This family business is fully focused on growing Astilbes. Rutgrink delivers five to six cultivars year-round and regularly grows new cultivars. Most of the production takes place in The Netherlands. It's because of the production in Andalusia (Spain) that they can deliver year-round. They have the widest range of Astilbes available. The different cultivars such as the deep red Paul Gaarder, white Washington and cerise rosé Else Schluck are all grown on their own Astilbe fields.

Lovely Astilbe & Rutgrink

Characteristics of Rutgrink are their expertise and know-how of the Astilbe cultivation. They really take care of the product: every flower is planted and harvested by hand. This results in top quality, maybe even the best quality in the market. In addition, Rutgrink is always innovating and represents sustainability. Very few plant protection products are used during cultivation. 

Amazing Astilbe Flower Fields

Lovely Astilbe & Export

Astilbe breeder Rutgrink is market leader in the cultivation of the Astilbe cut flower. Lovely Astilbes are exported to cash and carrys all over the world. The Astilbes of Rutgrink are a popular exportproduct due to the quality they represent. This is reflected in the labels the Astilbes gained at the different breeders. These labels are a proof of quality and stand for a fresh and reliable product. Rutgrink gained these labels thanks to a perfect product, logistics and price. Everything is focused on delivering the best flowers to the florist.

Amazing Astilbe Wedding

Lovely Astilbe & Wedding

Rutgrink's Lovely Astilbes are regularly the decor at grand weddings and events. Eventplanners and weddingplanners are fond of the Lovely Astilbes because of their sophisticated and elegant form. Not only do they play an important role in the corsage and bridal bouquets. They also provide the best decorations for event locations.

Lovely Astilbe & Partnerships

Lovely Astilbe is partner of Summerflowers and Floral Fundamentals. By combining forces these platforms offer florists, arrangers, wedding- and eventplanners inspiration in how to process flowers in bouquets. Direct contact between grower and florist ensures a unique combination resulting in beautiful bouquets with the right flowers. In Floral Fundamentals' magazine Lovely Astilbe is regularly incorporated into the bouquets and inspirational photography.