All about Astilbe

Lovely Astilbe on the television

On the initiative of Summerflowers Lovely Astilbe will be featured in the Dutch tv-show ‘De Grote Tuinverbouwing’ on Saturday the 20th and 27th of October at 5PM CEST. 

Floral Fundamentals Ambassadors tour

Last Friday the 12th of October Floral Fundamentals ambassadors visited our (Lovely) Astilbe fields. A number of Floral arrangers from all over the world came to Holland to visit various Dutch growers who are affiliated with Floral Fundamentals.

Interview in Floral Fundamentals magazine

On the 1st of June Floral Fundamentals released its new issue, covering the summer season. The magazine also contains an interview with Rutgrink Holland as a Floral Fundamentals grower. Editor Sue Phillips: ‘Rutgrink Holland have recently rebranded and their flowers are just that, Lovely Astilbe!’

Astilbes in wedding bouquet Meghan

Worldwide people were amazed by the beautiful royal wedding couple prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The royal wedding bouquet was designed by florist Philippa Craddock and contained white astilbes Washington. 

Floral Fundamentals visit Lovely Astilbe

Friday the 13th of October we welcomed the international florists of Floral Fundamentals at our fields of Lovely Astilbes. They were very enthusiastic to see the growth process of our flowers.