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Floral Fundamentals Ambassadors tour

Last Friday the 12th of October Floral Fundamentals ambassadors visited our (Lovely) Astilbe fields. A number of Floral arrangers from all over the world came to Holland to visit various Dutch growers who are affiliated with Floral Fundamentals.

The growers tour

A couple times a year a selected group of ambassadors visit adjoined Dutch growers. Every grower participating in this tour also offered a selection of their flowers. At the end of the growers tour the ambassadors got to use these flowers to create beautiful bouquets. These bouquets were then used to shoot pictures for the Floral Fundamentals magazine. Of course, Lovely Astilbe couldn’t be left out for this tour. Marc showed the group around the fields, the greenhouse and showed the production inside. He answered questions, gave inside information but most of all, shared his passion for Astilbe. The tour resulted in a lot of impressed faces and some beautiful compliments. “This really is Lovely!”

The ambassadors 

A diverse group of people with different backgrounds but the same passion for flowers makes for guaranteed success. These were the ambassadors that joined the tour this time: Berit Skjøttgaard Laursen (Denmark), Lisa Palsson (Norway), Jason Cao (China), Perry Liu (China), Bill Schaffer (USA), Kris Kratt (USA), Robert Milkowski (Poland), Jonas De Vestel (The Netherlands), Bea Beroy (Spain), Reka Kurtos (Ireland), Tiffany van Lenten (The Netherlands), Lily Beelen (The Netherlands), Alex Segura (Spain) and Judy Zhang (China).

2018663 amazing astilbe veld groepsfoto

Thanks to Floral Fundamentals and all the ambassadors for visiting our nursery.

Also, take a look at our Facebookpage for more pictures we made this day! 

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