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Lovely Astilbe on the television

On the initiative of Summerflowers Lovely Astilbe will be featured in the Dutch tv-show ‘De Grote Tuinverbouwing’ on Saturday the 20th and 27th of October at 5PM CEST. 

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The Big Garden renovation

A couple of weeks ago Lovely Astilbe had a special visitor. Rob Verlinden and his tv-crew came by to make footage for his program ‘De Grote Tuinverbouwing’. A Dutch tv-show all about gardening, flowers, plants and interior design. In a part of the program called ‘Rob’s World’, gardening celebrity Rob Verlinden travels around the Netherlands to different growers, looking for the most special of plants. Every plant that gets highlighted can also be found in your own garden. Lovely Astilbe is the first in the list of chosen growers that gets featured in the show.

All about astilbe 

In the new part of the show Rob shows the entire cycle of the plant. From the initial planting to seeing a full-grown flower: the entire process is shown. The next two episodes this item will be about the astilbe. Together with co-owner Marc Rutgrink, a look is had at Lovely Astilbe’s astilbe fields, inside the greenhouses and even the freezer room. Also, every episode a question from a viewer gets answered. In these 2 episodes they talk, among other things, about the availability of the astilbe. An example could be: how come you can buy it all year round, whilst in your garden, it only grows in spring?

Save the date and make sure you are ready to watch!

Saturday the 20th and 27th of October, 5 PM, SBS6, De Grote Tuinverbouwing

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